City O' City Denver

My trusted Happy Cow app lead me to City O’ City on my last day in Denver and it was the perfect way to end my visit there. I love to explore local vegan and vegetarian cafes and restaurants that use local and organic ingredients. These places to me are the heart and soul of the community and I intend to keep voting with my feet and frequenting them everywhere I go to support the movement.

City O’ City is a cafe/restaurant that is conveniently open every day from 7 am to 2 am, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night specialties. They use local produce and even have their own urban micro farm where much of their produce comes from in the summer. The menu is vegetarian and/or vegan, with gluten-free and soy-free options offered as well. The creatively repurposed decor is charming and I appreciated learning that they support local artists by having in-house gallery shows. And, as any self-respecting local restaurant that’s into healthy fare should, they have kombucha on tap!

I went there at lunch time, with the intent of trying out their pizzas, but ended up opting for their signature burger. I loved the quinoa and pinto bean patty and appreciated the portion size- not too big but just big enough to leave me feeling nourished but not stuffed. My lunch companion had probably the most naturally and creatively presented salad I have ever seen: Salad at City O' City Denver

This was the Living Salad with local, organic hydroponic greens- highly recommended! The kombucha flavor of the day was rose and I really enjoyed it- although I hoped for a slightly bigger glass.

City O’ City also boasts a large selection of coffees, teas and bakery items, as well as creative cocktails and wines for those late nights. I didn’t get a chance to sample any of those but should I find myself in Denver again, I will definitely be back. I loved the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and service at this place and warmly recommend it to anyone who cares about good and healthy local food, regardless of your dietary preferences!

Have you visited City O’ City in Denver? What was your experience like?

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