Sedona: ChocolaTree Oasis

I had the expectation that Sedona would be amazing. It’s so exciting to go visit a place that you pretty much know will knock your socks off, yet you never really know how things will turn out until you actually get there. I expected to be blown away by the iconic red rocks and stunning landscapes. I was also hoping to sense the subtle energy vortexes I’d heard so much about in some way.

We stayed at a quaint airbnb in Cornville, AZ, Sedona’s wine country. The landscape was beautifully lush and green compared to the more arid and desert-like neighboring Sedona. We went hiking and visited most of the main attractions: Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park… I definitely wasn’t disappointed. The views are absolutely stunning.

The magic to me is nature. Nature on its own is majestic and when left mostly untouched, it reveals its splendor and silences us, connecting us to deeper layers of ourselves and thus to our source. Nature itself is healing. The panorama need not be stunning to have this effect on us if we are open. There need not be any vortex nearby. It is up to us to welcome the silence.

Sedona’s (and Maybe the World’s) Best Restaurant

It may have been the foodie in me that had the very best experience in Sedona. I am mostly vegan or at least vegetarian which already places me outside the mainstream. Furthermore I am conscious of the pesticides, GMOs and other toxins that poison conventional foods in the US and choose organic whenever possible. Finding a restaurant can be a challenge sometimes. So you might guess I was thrilled to see this sign from the road:

Sedona ChocolaTree Restaurant Sign

Organic? And vegetarian? Plus, alluding to chocolate? It got even better when we pulled up to the parking lot:

Sedona ChocolaTree Restaurant Parking

I will, thank you very much! The restaurant is called ChocolaTree and it’s a restaurant from heaven. They are 100% organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegetarian, with lots of vegan and raw options. They have a chocolate factory. And that’s just the start! There is so much to love about this place that instead of listing everything here and making this post too long a read, I suggest you go to the ChocolaTree website and read their About Us. To sum it up, they do everything right from a nutritional, health, ethical, conscious and spiritual perspective. To me, this is the ideal restaurant!

Not to forget the obvious: the food, desserts, chocolates and drinks were all delicious. We ate all of our remaining meals at this place and even got stuff to go for the road. The setting (top picture) is a true garden oasis. I wish I had taken more pictures but I think I was just in awe of how beautiful it all was and needed to take it all in… This was probably the loveliest part for me. In addition to the beautiful scenery, I discovered my ideal restaurant in Sedona!

Pauliina in Sedona

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