Lavender Festival Purple Adobe Lavender Farm

Lavender must be one of the most beautiful things that grow on this planet. I cannot get enough of it in its many forms: as an herb, essential oil, hydrosol, tea, culinary ingredient… I was thrilled to discover there was a lavender farm close to where we lived in Santa Fe, NM and we eagerly attended their annual festival. The Purple Adobe Lavender Farm in Abiquiu, NM did not disappoint: it was purple beauty and bliss!

Evidently lavender really thrives in the hot and dry high desert of New Mexico: grown in high altitudes it is said to produce a finer, sweeter grade of oil. Its calming floral scent surrounded us as soon as we got to the farm. The scenery around us was absolutely gorgeous. Purple fields with different types of lavender in neat rows all around us, greenery and the quintessential New Mexican desert landscape. It was truly enchanting.

Lavender Festival at Purple Adobe Lavender Farm

We walked around the farm and enjoyed lavender tea and ice cream at the tea house. On sale at the store was the farm’s own line of bath and body products, among many other purple items. There were other related and interesting local artisan vendors as well. I bought a small bottle of Purple Adobe’s own essential oil and a bouquet of freshly cut flowers to take home.

Lavender Dreams and Goals

The visit was an inspiration for me, in addition to being a very zen experience overall. I already use lavender essential oil and hydrosol in my lotions, creams and other body care products I make. I also use the dried flowers in my tea blends. But you can do so much more with it still, and I want to experiment with it even more, especially in cooking. Plus, I really look forward to growing my own one day. What could be better than having my own purple patch to enjoy every day!

How do you use this beautiful herb? Share your ideas! Have you tried growing your own?

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